⦿ Facebook Ads Connector Guide

 In Tableau, first log in to the Cognetik Web Data Connector. (For help logging in, see the Quick Start section)

 Choose the Provider (the data source: FB Ads), the Credentials (your FB login info), the Report type (AdAccount, Campaign, AdSet), the Account, then you can select a specific Campaign or Post. You also have the option to create multiple data extracts with Data Blocks. (Learn more about the Data Blocks function)

 Now select your dimensions, metrics, segments, and additional settings. Before you click submit, you can get a quick view of your data with the Preview function. (Learn more about the Preview function) Once everything looks good, go ahead and click Submit.

***Below, we've provided a guide for some reports you may want to replicate to get the most of out of your Facebook Ads data:



Performance Custom

Performance Amount Spent

Performance People Reached

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