⦿ Managing Your Data Streams

💡  Let's learn to manage your Data Streams.  You will be able to edit and delete data, pause streams, and view the log history.  Below are examples and steps of each task.



This is the view of the front screen.  Here you will be able to view all the streams you have created within the builder.  In the first job listed under Test you can view the following information:

  • Your Source
  • Destination
  • Schedule Type
  • Granularity
  • Start Date
  • End Date

You will also notice in the top right of the screen capture that you can click the Create New Stream button and configure a new Data Stream.  You will be able to see multiple job lists that you have created on this home page.

JobListNew.jpgImage 1



You can edit your data in your Job List at any time.  Go to the job you would like to change and click the pencil button show in the upper right of each data stream on your Job List. 

  • NOTE: Refer to Image 2 below displaying the Edit button.



Image 2


 Once you click on the Edit button it will bring you back to your configured Data Stream.  Here you will be able to change any section of data, save it, and go back to your Job List.


Image 3 




In your Job List you will have the ability to pause and resume your streams.  You will notice your stream is active and working correctly when you see the following image below:


Image 4


To Pause your stream simply click the pause icon located next to the edit icon in the upper right of the stream in your Job List.  Refer to Image 5 below:



Image 5



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