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I'm getting a sign-up error (see below), why?


💡 Check your version of Tableau Desktop and make sure it's v.10 or later with Tableau Desktop. For registration help, see Signing Up


Why isn't the connector opening up with the provided URL?


💡 If the message above appears, make sure you are accessing the connector through Tableau and not with a normal browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, etc.). For further guidance, see Accessing the Cognetik Cloud Connector


Do I need to link credentials every time I create a new connection?

💡 You only need to do it once, then it will be saved for all subsequent requests to the same profile. The credentials from the login form cannot be stored due to Tableau’s technical limitations with their in-app browser, so once the Tableau session has ended, you must link credentials again.


Does Cognetik save our data or otherwise have access to it?

💡 We do cache the data. Meaning that the response from each call is stored into our database for a limited time, after which it is erased. Right now the Time To Live for the cache is 30 days. This helps especially with Adobe Analytics calls which are very slow - once we make the initial request, we store the response and all subsequent calls for the same query is served from our cache. Theoretically we could access it, but we never do. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more info.


Why is it taking so long for my Adobe Analytics data to load?

💡 The Adobe API is really slow. Feel free to write a message to Adobe’s Client Care and ask them to put more power behind their API.


Where do I find the username and secret for Adobe Analytics authentication?

💡 Login into Adobe Analytics, click on the Account Profile icon > Edit Profile in the top right corner of the screen. Then on the Account Information page, under Web Services you’ll see the Username and Shared Secret. If you don’t see it, ask someone with Admin rights to give you access to Web Services.


Should there be a difference between the Adobe Analytics data in Tableau and the data in other Adobe Analytics reporting tools?

💡 No. They come from the same source so it should match 100%. If it doesn’t, it’s possible that Tableau may be aggregating data in a way Adobe is not. Try changing the way you pull data.


What platforms does the connector support, other than Adobe Analytics?

💡 Facebook Page, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Kochava, and Bing Ads. We are in the process of building new connectors. If you'd like to create a connector for your data, let us know: support@cognetik.com


What are the terms & conditions as we are working with client data?

💡 Terms & Conditions are fairly standard. You can see them here as well as our Privacy Policy.


Why are some filters deleted after editing a data source?

💡 This is a Tableau bug and has been resolved with Tableau version 10.1.3


Does the connector work with Tableau Online?

💡 Tableau Online can use our connector, but data cannot be refreshed directly from Tableau Online. Users would need to install a piece of software called Sync Client on their machines (Windows only) that pulls the data and then synchronizes it automatically with Tableau Online. Refer here for more info.


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