⦿ Facebook Pages: Total People Who Viewed


 💡 In this report you will be able to see the total people who viewed your page.


Dimensions & Metrics:

  1.  Select Views Logged in Unique in the Dimensions tab.  
  2. Leave the Dimensions tab empty.  When you select your Granularity in the next step the Date will be used as a Dimension.




  1. Now set your Granularity.  In this example we set the Granularity to Daily.  By selecting Daily, the date will be used as a dimension and show the data for each day in the selected date range.
  2. Select your Preset date range.  We used a Preset of This Month for this report.
  3. Set your Row and Top limit.  We used a Row Limit of 100 and Top Limit of 5.  
  4. You can change these settings to your liking.



Preview & Submit:

  1. Once your Granularity is selected hit the Preview button to generate a table to show your report.  Preview runs fairly quickly because the processing is done by Cognetik’s distributed API engine and does not require waiting for Tableau to create a local database for the extract.
  2. If the measurements look correct hit the Submit button to extract the data into Tableau.


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