‚¶Ņ Facebook Pages: People Who Clicked Action Button by Country

ūüí°¬†Measure¬†your¬†call-to-action button clicks¬†by country¬†using¬†the Cta Clicks Logged In By Country Unique metric¬†on the Data Connector.¬†

‚ěä In the Dimensions tab you will want to select Country. ¬†Now select Cta Clicks Logged In By Country Unique in the Metrics tab.



‚ěč In this example we set the Granularity to None,¬†used the Preset of This Month, and set the Row Limit to 25 and Top Limit to 5. ¬†You can change these settings to your liking.



‚ěƬ†Once your Granularity is selected, hit the¬†Preview¬†button to generate a table to show your measurements. ¬†If the measurements look correct you can hit the¬†Submit¬†button to import your data into Tableau.



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