⦿ Facebook Pages: People Who Clicked Action Button By Device

💡 In this report we can see how many times the action button was clicked on your page by device.


Dimensions & Metrics:

  1. Select Site as your Dimension.    
  2. For your Metric you need to select Cta Clicks By Site Logged in Unique.





  1. Now set your Granularity.  In this example we set the Granularity to None.  By selecting None this will aggregate the date range into one value.
  2. Set your Preset date range.  We used a Preset of This Month for this report.
  3. Set your Row and Top limit.  We used a Row Limit of 25 and Top Limit of 5.  
  4. You can change these settings to your liking.


Preview & Submit:

  1. Once you have your Granularity selected, hit the Preview button to generate a table to show your report.  Preview runs fairly quickly because the processing is done by Cognetik’s distributed API engine and does not require waiting for Tableau to create a local database for the extract.
  2. If the measurements look correct you can hit the Submit button to import your data into Tableau.


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