⦿ Facebook Pages: Total Reach


💡 By Measuring the Total Reach of your Facebook page, it allows you to see the number of unique users who saw your post.  This includes fans/non fans and those directed to your page organically without ads.


  Dimensions & Metrics:

Under the Metrics tab select Impressions Organic Unique.  Do not use any Dimensions for this report.  



➋ Granularity:

 Now set your Granularity.  In this example we set the Granularity to Daily, used the preset of Last 13 Weeks, and chose a Row Limit of 25 and Top Limit of 10.  You can change these settings to your liking.



Preview & Submit:

 Once your Granularity is selected hit the Preview button to generate a table to show your measurements.  If the measurements look correct you can hit the Submit button to extract your data into Tableau.


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